A Wild Last Boss Appeared 30: Gjallarhorn Accumulates Power (for Civil War)

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This country had more problems than I thought. I felt this deeply as I sat on the sofa in the inn. Firstly, the mob-like guy I met when I went to the temple alone—ah, I did not ask his name. For now, I should call him Mob Red (Provisional).

The resentment towards King Merak that he spoke of was probably not limited to him alone. After all, such a temple as this was built with a statue to publicly honor me, the most reviled person in the world. This alone was a public expression of a treason against the king.

I understood that discrimination from the white-winged faction was really extreme, but doing this was merely adding oil to a fire. I wasn’t really in a position to say this, but part of the cause for discrimination from the white-winged faction was the mixed-winged faction itself. However, it did not seem to be the entirety of the problem.

“—So it seems that the white town is currently preparing for civil war.”

Currently, …

A Wild Last Boss Appeared 29: Jupiter Escapes

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The country of the flügels, Gjallarhorn.

Because of wing color, conflicts had continued from the past…This caused the capital city to be divided into the east and west districts. Currently, a non-flügel girl was standing in the white town.

A young girl with ocean-blue hair that reached her knees and eyes of the same color, Dina.

She stood in front of the clock tower in the center of the white town, crossed her arms, and pouted her lips.

“…So slow.”

She was waiting here to exchange information with a certain person. The necessary information had to be clearly acquired while hiding her own vital information and misleading the other party to think that he was the one who benefited. She repeatedly practiced going through the conversation in her mind, but when it came to the actual event, the other party did not appear.

“Seriously, making a lady wait for so long. That’s why this race is…”

Complaining, Dina walked off. It could not …

A Wild Last Boss Appeared 28: Libra, I Choose You

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Libra flew in the sky, watching over the entire white town. She was one thousand five hundred meters above the town. Even the flügels could not reach this altitude. As such, she was in a position that would never be discovered first. Even at this distance, Libra could clearly count the number of hairs on every flügel in the white streets.

Libra recognized the white-winged flügels as her virtual enemies. They were proud of their white wings and would excommunicate her master for her taboo black wings. In other words, they were her master’s enemies, and her master’s enemies were her enemies.

Libra had taken no action so far because Ruphas did not give her an order to attack. However, if they showed even a bit of hostility, she was ready to target the entire town with Brachium. There would be no forgiveness and no mercy.

Her top criterion was whether something would benefit Ruphas or not. If it was something beneficial, she would…

A Wild Last Boss Appeared 27: A Wild Aigokeros Appeared

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“Well, let’s go sightseeing today. Visit the capital as you please, but don’t cause any trouble.”

In the early morning, I told Dina and the others that we would be staying in the capital for a while. I was curious about the country founded by Merak. I was also concerned about the mixed-winged faction which was in the same situation as me.

Most importantly, I needed to confirm what was inside Merak, so we could not leave too early. Since learning that Megrez was a resident of this world, I had partially given up, but it was not like I felt there was no possibility.

The question was how to contact him… Unlike Megrez, I needed to consider the fact that he had not abdicated his throne.

After all, this was a country of flügels, whose lifespan was different. Unlike Svalinn where there were many different humanoid races, this country was completely composed of flügels. Unless there were a lot of antipathies, there would not be a chan…

A Wild Last Boss Appeared 26: Ruphas Sleeps

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"—So, what is this situation, Libra?"

"We have safely arrived in town. I judge that there is no problem, master."

"Are you joking? This is a big problem."

Libra safely delivered us to the country of Gjallarhorn. Indeed, we arrived, but the mode of travel was a problem. She brought us here with the movement skill Sky Jet, but it was currently late in the night. At a time like this, she chose to move with a roaring jet propulsion. It wasn't hard to imagine people being woke from their sleep by the noise. As a result, we were currently viewed with suspicion by the people who came out of their residences.

Ah, seriously. It is so late now. Sorry about that.

"You can't do this, Libra. If you make that kind of noise at a time like this, you will wake the people who are already sleeping."

"No problem, Aries. According to my analysis, the fighting strength of the people who got up is …

A Wild Last Boss Appeared 25: Libra Soars Through The Sky

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"You did it; it was a success!"

The kingdom of swords—Lævateinn.

Its center, the royal capital, was itself centered on the audience hall of the royal castle.

It was normally forbidden to make a fuss in the audience hall of the king. However, that place was currently engulfed by continuous cheers of delight. At the center was a black-haired youth in his mid-teens. He was confused by his current situation.

How did it all begin?

The youth, who lived in Japan, was following his routine after school, participating earnestly in his club activities and then going on his way home. However, his ordinary life was interrupted by a voice calling him to the extraordinary.

"Whoever can hear us. Please help us."

It was a call for help. The caller's identity was unknown. The situation was unknown. Even the kind of help required was unknown. Normally, there was neither duty nor obligation to respond, especially when the…