A Wild Last Boss Appeared!

Original Title: 野生のラスボスが現れた!
Author: Fire Head (炎頭)

It was in the year 2800 of the Midgard calendar. Back then, there was an Overlord who once reigned supreme and had reached the very brink of subduing the world.

Her name was Ruphas Mafahl, a great woman dreaded as the Black-Winged Overlord. She was too strong, too fast, and too powerful… However, she was defeated by Heroes who opposed her ferocity, and her ambition was brought to an end.

—or so went the story of our protagonist’s in-game character, whose body he now possesses for some reason in a world two hundred years after Ruphas’ downfall. Follow our protagonist as he becomes unnecessarily feared by his surroundings and unnecessarily worshiped by his former subordinates as he―or now she―cheerfully travels around this fantasy world.

These chapters are translated from the Japanese web novel 野生のラスボスが現れた!, which is freely available online. Some images from the light novels are also added. These images are found scattered across the Internet, so they would be of varying quality. The first 16 chapters of this web novel are available over at Shurim's 3am Translations. Support the author by buying the published light novel versions at Amazon!

Update (11/25/18): This web novel will be jointly translated by Hand of Vecna and Two More Free Thoughts (abbreviated TMFT below). See A Wild Joint Translation Appeared! for details.

A Wild Last Boss Appeared!

  1. Character Introduction ⛔ Contains Spoilers
  2. A Wild Last Boss Appeared 🔗 Shurim
  3. A Wild Last Boss Takes To The Skies 🔗 Shurim
  4. The Wild Last Boss Finds A Subordinate 🔗 Shurim
  5. The Old Man Unleashes Golem 🔗 Shurim
  6. The Wild Last Boss Accepts A Request 🔗 Shurim
  7. A Wild Orc Appeared 🔗 Shurim
  8. The Wild Orc Was Thrown Into Complete Darkness 🔗 Shurim

A Wild Sheep Appeared!

  1. Journeying Across The Last Boss’ Country 🔗 Shurim
  2. A Kind Middle-Aged Man Appeared 🔗 Shurim
  3. The Wild Last Boss Reads A Book 🔗 Shurim
  4. Aries Falls Fast Asleep 🔗 Shurim
  5. Wild Monsters Suddenly Appeared 🔗 Shurim
  6. Megrez Unleashes Levia 🔗 Shurim
  7. A Wild Aries Appeared 🔗 Shurim
  8. The Wild Last Boss’ Reunion with the Wisdom King 🔗 Shurim
  9. The Demon Race’s Hula Dance 🔗 Shurim
  10. Aries, Get!
  11. More Companions For The Next Trip 
  12. Mars Released; Farewell, Mars

A Wild Golem Appeared!

  1. Libra Blocks The Road Ahead
  2. A Wild Golem Appeared
  3. Enough! Return, Adventurer!
  4. A Wild Libra Appeared
  5. Libra, Get!

A Wild Goat Appeared!

  1. Libra Soared Through The Sky
  2. Ruphas Slept
  3. A Wild Aigokeros Appeared
  4. Libra, I Choose You
  5. Jupiter Escaped
  6. Gjallarhorn Accumulated Power (for Civil War)
  7. Venus' Evil Plan 🔗 TMFT
  8. Gjallarhorn's Fire Spark 🔗 TMFT
  9. Aigokeros' Ultrasound 🔗 TMFT
  10. Yay! We've Captured Jupiter! 🔗 TMFT
  11. Aigokeros, Get! 🔗 TMFT
  12. Libra's Iai Slash 🔗 TMFT
  13. Congratulations, Ruphas Transformed Into A Clown 🔗 TMFT

A Wild Player Appeared!

  1. Benetnash's Grudge 🔗 TMFT
  2. Dina Issued A Challenge 🔗 TMFT
  3. Dina, Get? 🔗 TMFT
  4. A Wild Seven Luminaries Appeared
  5. An Official Last Boss Appeared
  6. Sandwiched Between the Wild and Official Last Bosses
  7. The Demon King Issued A Challenge
  8. Ruphas Held Back

A Wild Maiden Appeared!

  1. Oh, Parthenos Was…
  2. Congratulations, Parthenos Transformed Into A Vengeful Spirit
  3. Tanaka Learned To Fly In The Sky
  4. A Wild Ghost Appeared
  5. A Wild Last Boss Shuddered
  6. Maiden, Get! 🔗 TMFT
  7. A Wild Last Boss Made A Review 🔗 TMFT

A Wild Crab Appeared!

  1. The Power of Alchemy Is Awesome! 🔗 TMFT
  2. A Wild Last Boss Ate Lunch 🔗 TMFT
  3. A Wild Fool Appeared 🔗 TMFT
  4. The Hero Had A Conversation With The Wisdom King 🔗 TMFT
  5. A Wild Dwarf Appeared 🔗 TMFT
  6. A Wild Karkinos Appeared 🔗 TMFT

A Wild Scorpion Appeared!

  1. A Wild Scorpius Appeared 🔗 TMFT
  2. A Wild Seven Luminaries (Luna of the Moon) Appeared 🔗 TMFT
  3. Aigokeros' Puff Up
  4. Explosion of Libra Mass Production Models
  5. The Sword Saint Escaped
  6. Counter of Karkinos
  7. Appearance of Ruphas
  8. Ruphas' Megaton Kick
  9. A Wild Handsome Bastard Appeared
  10. Venus' Teleportation
  11. Congratulations, Mizar Evolved Into A Golem
  12. Congratulations, Killer Maid Became Annihilator Maid!

A Wild Dinosaur Appeared!

  1. The Demon King Brought Out High-Level Monsters 🔗 TMFT
  2. Scorpius Was Acting Spoiled 🔗 TMFT
  3. This Is Draupnir, The City Where Furries and People Live Side By Side Harmoniously 🔗 TMFT
  4. Virgo, I Choose You 🔗 TMFT
  5. A Wild Carnivorous Dinosaur Appeared 🔗 TMFT
  6. The Hero's Sand Attack 🔗 TMFT

A Wild Demon Appeared!

  1. Fox Beastkin's Cry
  2. Venom-Venom Scorpius
  3. The Adventurers Started Escaping
  4. Libra’s Reflector (Karkinos)
  5. Surf of Mercurius!
  6. Mercurius of the Seven Luminaries Issued A Challenge!
  7. Earthquake of Aries
  8. The Self-Sacrificial Tackle of Mercurius Who Ignored Orders!
  9. Fire Spin of Aries
  10. Mega Drain of Aigokeros
  11. Ruphas Used Focus Punch, Karkinos Was Knocked Down 🔗 TMFT
  12. Cruz Used Light Screen 🔗 TMFT
  13. Ruphas Used Telekinesis 🔗 TMFT

A Wild Pirate Appeared!

  1. The Hero Ran Away! 🔗 TMFT
  2. A Wild Demi-Human Appeared 🔗 TMFT
  3. Castor Used Thunder Shock! 🔗 TMFT
  4. Castor, Get! 🔗 TMFT
  5. Virgo and Castor Were Entrusted 🔗 TMFT

A Wild Vampire Appeared!

  1. Ah! Benetnash Jumped Out! 🔗 TMFT
  2. Benetnash’s Attack That Shredded It Apart 🔗 TMFT
  3. The Magical Beast’s Bite Attack 🔗 TMFT
  4. Benetnash Issued A Challenge 🔗 TMFT
  5. Congratulations! Ruphas Has Evolved Into The Real Ruphas! 🔗 TMFT
  6. Benetnash Used Struggle 🔗 TMFT
  7. Certain-Kill Strike!

A Wild Lion Appeared!

  1. A Wild Leon Appeared
  2. Libra’s Fervent Prayer (?) Reached Astraea!
  3. Leon Used Struggle!
  4. Leon Used Roar!
  5. Transformation of the Hero’s Party
  6. Centaur Used Foresight!
  7. The Sergeant Started the Fight
  8. Oh, Suzuki’s Appearance…
  9. Dina Used Helping Hand!
  10. Aries Used Fire Punch! 🔗 TMFT
  11. Aries Used Overheat! 🔗 TMFT
  12. A Wild Bull Appeared 🔗 TMFT
  13. Libra Used Pursuit! 🔗 TMFT
  14. Leon Ran Out Of Power 🔗 TMFT
  15. Ruphas Used Solar Beam! 🔗 TMFT

A Wild Fairy Appeared!

  1. Fairy Princess Pollux Issued A Challenge
  2. Pollux Used Argonautai!
  3. Pollux Used Withdraw!
  4. Scorpius Used Blaze Kick! It Was A Critical Hit!

A Wild Trash Appeared!

  1. This Was Lægjarn, A Stereotypical Town With A Nostalgic Feeling


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