A Wild Last Boss Appeared 41: A Wild Seven Luminaries Appeared!

Translator: Hand of Vecna ✎ Editor: Two More Free Thoughts

Level: 1000
Race: Half-Elf
Acolyte 200
Priest 200
Ranger 100
Strider 100
Mage 200
Sorcerer 200

HP: 35,000
SP: 16,000
STR (Strength): 1750
DEX (Dexterity): 3000
VIT (Vitality): 2050
INT (Intelligence): 11,550 (+2000)
AGI (Agility): 3700
MND (Mind): 8902
LUK (Luck): 1930

Head: —
Right Arm: Sage’s Bracelet (INT +1000)
Left Arm: Spy’s Bracelet (INT +1000)
Body: Traveler’s Clothes
Feet: Traveler’s Shoes
Others: —

…What was with this rear-guard over-specialization?

I saw that her status was extremely unbalanced. Only the rear-guard classes were chosen. A few of them were even at Level 200, which one must pay to achieve. Even her gears boosted her Intelligence, so it seemed she put quite a bit of effort into this.

At Level 1000, her attack and HP were extremely low, but her Intelligence was higher than that of most doped characters. It was a tremendous number that even Megrez could not reach in his prime. Still, she’d be a sitting duck against Libra.

Before Libra and Aries arrived, Dina and I standardized our words to have a matching cover-up story. We didn’t know where the attack came from, but I just somehow dealt with it. It wasn’t a lie since I actually did deal with it. It was Dina who launched the attack though.

Well, whatever. I noticed Dina had changed back to her familiar blue-haired form.

This was done using a kind of Water magic, Illusion—which used mists to confuse the opponents and change one’s appearance. In the game, I knew that its effect basically increased one’s chance of avoiding an encounter. Many players wanted the developer to make it change appearances, but there seemed to be no plans to implement that. To think that it would become a reality here…The world was truly full of surprises.

She had both Metal and Water attributes since this was a racial trait of half-elves. How cunning. Half-elves did not grow as fast as elves in terms of Intelligence and Mental Power, but they were stronger in other areas where humans excelled. They had high affinities for both divine and arcane magic, so they could use two attributes at the same time.

Moreover, unlike elves, half-elves could eat meat normally. As people of the forest, elves did not eat meat. This was the reason Megrez’s HP was so low, despite the fact that he was already doping. He was even taken out by the Scales of the Goddess in one hit. In the game, the inability to eat orc meat was a definite handicap for the elves.

This landmine would not be noticed until one started doping…In other words, this was usually only noticed when one was close to Level 1000. In this way, it was really terrible.

But half-elves did not have this handicap. What a cheat. This would probably be nerfed later on. Or perhaps, the developer intended for elves to have another way to increase HP other than consuming orc meat.

Anyway, we recruited Aigokeros and returned Dina to the group, so we got into Tanaka and left Gjallarhorn behind. It was getting a bit cramped with this number of people. I should consider expanding Tanaka. Should I take the chance to incorporate bulletproof glass or carbon material?

Even though such materials did not exist in this world and they could not be made in the game, it should be possible now. Creating a material using the knowledge from the “other side”…It was somewhat interesting to see what would be the level limit of a golem made with such a material.

In the game, it was impossible to retrofit a golem with other materials once it was made. There was no other choice except to create an entirely new golem. But now, it might not be impossible. Although this world was similar to the game, it was not the game itself.

“By the way, Aigokeros. Do you have any useful information? Since you were with the demons earlier, you must have heard of various things.”

I sat on the sofa that we prepared in the car and asked Aigokeros, who was sitting opposite in his humanoid form. Aries sat next to Aigokeros, munching on the corn that was bought in Gjallarhorn. Aries originally wanted to eat the grass there, but I stopped him. If he did that in his humanoid form, it would seem as if I was abusing him. I just couldn’t bear to watch.

By the way, Aigokeros’ favorite was dandelions. Imagine the figure of a mature gentleman eating a dandelion…This was so cruel and surreal. In the end, they were still a goat and sheep, despite looking like humans.

“I see…Firstly, besides me, there is another member of the Twelve Heavenly Stars who was working with the demons.”

“Oh. Who is it? Speak.”

Scorpius of the Scorpion has become a revenant of vengeance and is fully cooperating with the demons. Unlike me who was making use of the demons, she has become the demons’ tool, hoping for the complete destruction of all humanoids. Hrotti, the country founded by Phecda the Adventure King, was destroyed by her.”

-—Hey, that was the most dangerous thing that was done so far.

I held onto my head and sighed, despite trying to hold it in.

Scorpius of the Scorpion was…well, as her name suggested, a scorpion-type magical beast. The magical beast species was Emperor Berserk Scorpion, commonly called Berserk Emperor. Its normal attacks were laced with venom and it could release a poisonous fog, adding poison on top of poison to create a deadly poison…Basically, it was a specialist that repeatedly used poison, poison, and more poison.

Besides poison, an Emperor Berserk Scorpion had no other attack. However, it was very hard, so its opponent would be forced into a battle of endurance. Even if its attack power was low, one must not feel relieved because when its HP reached a certain value, it would become berserk and attack with amazing vigor. This would be very bad.

However, she was not a frightening opponent for me. Sorry to say, but a fellow who could only inflict abnormal statuses would be just a small fry before my dress. However, for a city or a country, there would be no scarier opponent. This was because it could spray deadly poison over everyone. This would basically turn the country over to destruction. It was so dangerous that it seemed like a joke.

“Ah, Scorpius…She really worshiped Ruphas-sama.”

“When that worship turns into hate, I think she is currently an extremely dangerous existence.”

After finishing his corn, Aries concurred. Libra also nodded in agreement. Was the Scorpion such a dangerous person?

“Indeed. That person is currently a revenant of vengeance that would not even listen to me. Her overwhelming hatred surpassed the level limit, allowing her to reach Level 900. It’s too much even for me to handle.”

What was this amazing thing?! A tamer’s magical beast was limited to Level 800, yet she somehow exceeded this upper limit. I glanced at Libra and asked:

“Libra, if you fight her, what are the odds?”

“…The chance of victory is probably around sixty-two percent. I estimated Scorpius’ current strength based on her previous data. Her fighting power surpasses mine. By using Brachium at the start, her HP could be drastically reduced, but it would not be enough to defeat her. After that, it would be a simple fight based on our abilities, depending on whether I would collapse first or she would be taken out first.”

Even Libra, my current strongest follower, considered her to be dangerous. I thought she would definitely win since poison was ineffective towards golems, but it seemed Scorpius was unreasonably strong.

However, Aries could win by using Mesarthim to deal with the poison’s continuous damage. No matter how high the defense, it would be useless before an attack that could inflict proportional damage. Endurance battle was Aries’ specialty after all. Since both of them had fire attribute, their compatibility was good. Even if Scorpius went berserk, she would not inflict too much damage.

On the other hand, Aigokeros would be helpless since he already admitted that she was too much for him to handle. As for Dina…she had the advantage in terms of attributes, but her HP was too low. I didn’t think she could handle the attacks of the berserk scorpion. Anyway, her current location was still unknown, so it would be pointless to dwell on this. Well, if we met her, there would be no choice other than Aries. Since she was currently dwelling with the demons, we could only leave it be for now.

“Next…Leon the Lion is fighting a war with Benetnash the Vampire Princess all day and night. The strongest of the Twelve Heavenly Stars, Leon, and the strongest of the Seven Heroes, Benetnash, are engaged in an all-out war with their armies. Even if the demons’ Seven Luminaries approached carelessly, they would just get killed.”

“Hmm…Benetnash should have a slight advantage. Her melee combat power surpassed mine, after all.”

“No, that is…Among the Twelve Heavenly Stars, Leon has always been a deviant with little loyalty to you…After your disappearance, he went wild completely, returning him to Level 1000.”

Wow, what a mess…

They started a top-tier battle while ignoring me and the heroes. Benetnash at her prime versus boss-era Leon. I wanted to watch such a dream-like battle…but I really didn’t want to get too close.

“Hey, Aigo. I think Benetnash is abnormally obsessed with Ruphas-sama as her rival…”

“Yes. Ever since she lost to Ruphas-sama in a fight, she became obsessed with her goal of surpassing Ruphas-sama. Leon is the same. Even though he was the strongest magical beast, he lost to Ruphas-sama and became her follower. He has been eyeing the throne of Ruphas-sama even while obeying her.”

“An advice, master. If master approaches them, there is an eighty percent chance that Benetnash and Leon would interrupt their fight in order to attack master.”

…I retracted my previous statement. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to get too close. It was that I wasn’t far enough. I definitely should not get close at all.

Unlike the other Twelve Heavenly Stars and Seven Heroes, Leon and Benetnash seemed to regard me as an enemy. A Level 1000 doping power and a Level 1000 boss monster were engaged in mass combat with their armies. It would be a joke if I just gleefully rushed into the middle of it.

Hmm. I would leave their location for the last. They were already fighting like old friends anyway.

“Also…This might not be important, but it seems Lævateinn has successfully summoned a hero.”


Hearing this, I made an unexpected response. Apparently, this world had properly summoned a hero this time. Since it was a hero, he probably had the hidden class—hero. It was the strongest vanguard class that would become unlocked after reaching Level 200 in warrior, light warrior, heavy warrior, and sword master classes. In the game, it was practically unknown until Alioth discovered it.

I didn’t know anyone else besides Alioth who took that class. This was because it was very inefficient to unlock that class. Warrior, light warrior, heavy warrior, and sword master had very similar abilities. Normally, a player would choose only one of these iron plate-type classes. In addition, there was very little reason in expanding these basic classes to Level 200 with the cash shop. If the cash shop was to be used to expand a class, it would be an advanced class of sword master or a class with no further advancement, such as an alchemist. This was the basic of basics among players in the game.

But Alioth did it.

Ignoring the ability scores and inefficiency, he added all the vanguard classes. Since this completely ignored the classic method of character-building, high-level players like me considered it to be a joke character. Even Alioth himself was partially taking it as a joke. There was no way for this build to become strong. We were all convinced of this. But that ridiculous build unlocked a hidden class and Alioth suddenly became the highest-ranking avatar.

As if to compensate for the bad growth rate earlier, his ability scores were raised a lot. The skills were also atrocious. Most notably, the skill Climax, which would resurrect the character after being reduced to zero HP and counter-attack with a hundred percent chance of inflicting a critical hit.

If that class was unlocked right from the start, if it was nurtured starting from Level 1…The hero would probably have the same ability scores as doping players just by leveling normally.

“…That is no good.”

I rubbed my chin and muttered. The hero class was very powerful, therefore this could be troublesome. The trouble was that the demons knew about the hero summoning. Since Aigokeros knew about this, it was evident that the demons had received the same information.

At low level, the hero would not be much of a threat. But after leveling up, he would be a monster comparable to me and the Seven Heroes.

They knew that. So what would happen after that? What would they do?

What would I do if I was in their position?

—This would be predetermined…Kill him before he could grow up. This was the best method.

“The hero is going to be killed.”

Hero, the hope of the weak humanoids.

He would be killed before the curtains were drawn.

Nobody here could dispute this statement of mine.

※ Author’s Notes

Ruphas: It seems the two of you have been fighting like old friends.
Benet: (´・ω・`)Wha—
Leon: (´・ω・`)Wha—

※ Translator's Notes

Welcome back to this blog! I will be your host for the next 10 chapters, while Two More Free Thoughts works on Chapter 51-60. I added internal links from the main text to the foot notes. You should be able to return to the main text by clicking on the BACK 🔙 button at the end of the foot note. Let me know if there is any issue with the links.

※ Foot Notes

Doping (ドーピング) is the use of banned athletic performance-enhancing drugs by athletic competitors. In this novel, the word refers to the use of ability-boosting items, such as orc meat which increases HP. 🔙

Scales of the Goddess (女神の天秤) is a boss mentioned in Chapter 18. The text here actually says Selection Scales (選定の天秤), which is the drop item…This made no sense unless Megrez was knocked out when the item dropped on his head? The author probably made a mistake here, confusing the boss name with the item name. 🔙

Scorpius (スコルピウス) is the constellation of the scorpion, containing many bright stars such as Antares. The associated astrological sign is Scorpio. 🔙

Hrotti (フロッティ) is a sword in the Völsung cycle. It was a part of Fáfnir's treasure, which Sigurðr took after he slew the dragon. 🔙

Phecda (フェクダ), also called Gamma Ursae Majoris, is a star in the constellation of Ursa Major and the Big Dipper asterism. In this novel, Phecda is the Adventure King (冒険王), the hobbit member of the Seven Heroes. 🔙

Alioth (アリオト), also called Epsilon Ursae Majoris, is the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Major and the Big Dipper asterism. In this novel, Alioth is the Sword King (剣王), the human member of the Seven Heroes. 🔙

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