A Wild Last Boss Appeared 43: Sandwiched Between the Wild and Official Last Bosses

Translator: Hand of Vecna ✎ Editor: Two More Free Thoughts

He—Minami-Jyuji Sei—was an ordinary male Japanese high school student in 2015 CE.

Age 17. Height 170 (centimeters). Weight 60 (kilograms).

This was an average body shape. Also, he didn’t have anything that he was particularly good at, or bad at. His results were slightly above average. He was decent in sports, but he was not the best in his class. Be it studies or sports, he was merely slightly above average. His looks were well featured. Although it was not the type of face like an idol which would cause commotion wherever he went, he was still one of the good-looking guys in his class.

Such a guy was currently being troubled in a place far from Japan—or rather, he wasn’t even on Earth, but in the other world of Midgard.

There was a voice in his head, asking for help. He answered, seeking the person in distress. If that person was injured, he would call an ambulance. If that person was assaulted, he would rush to the scene. He would answer a call for help, no matter who it might be. But all those worries came to an end when he was asked to defeat the demons and the Overlord in another world.

He could not understand. He was so perplexed that he thought it was a joke.

It had been more than forty years since the great accomplishment of landing Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969. Science and technology had advanced by leaps and bounds, but humans had yet to leave the solar system. Even so, by means of an occult power like magic, he landed in another world without wearing a spacesuit.

Even though the situation was beyond his understanding, he quickly adapted. Or perhaps he was just a fool. He was in the unprecedented situation of being summoned to another world by himself, yet he neither cried out to return home nor became angry. Instead, he calmly listened to the people around him and the young elf (who was actually more than two hundred years old) that summoned him. They explained the reason he was summoned and what he needed to do. All these, he obediently accepted.

It was not that he did not fear combat. However, he had a dream, a reckless ideal for the future, guided by the optimism of youth. Since he was little, he wanted to be a policeman. He longed to be a modern hero that helped people. It was a blueprint for the future drawn by a child who knew nothing of corruptions and under-the-table dealings.

He grew up watching the back of his father who was a policeman. He was proud of his father whom people could always count on. Therefore, he wanted, longed for, and aimed to be like that. Even now, this dream had not faded.

It was honestly unimaginable to fight the Demon King and the Overlord in another world. He did not want to kill anyone even now. However, he simply could not ignore the hands reaching out to him for help. If he abandoned them here, the future he dreamed of would never come to pass. This was the reason he answered the pleading of the people from another world. The hero (father), who was still shining in his heart, would not simply abandon them.

“…Although I tried enthusiastically, I wish I have the abilities to accompany it.”

Sei muttered in a whisper while matching swords with the swordsmanship teacher Friedrich in the training area. However, being distracted during training was suicidal. All the more so when his opponent was the much stronger Sword Saint—the world’s strongest swordsman.

Friedrich sent Sei’s sword flying and pointed his own sword to the latter’s throat. And that was game over. Sei raised his hands to surrender and looked at his teacher once more. Due to the cool nickname of the Sword Saint and the resounding name of Friedrich, he had originally imagined a handsome knight. Instead, his appearance was very different. If one was to describe him in a word, it would be…tiger.

This was not a figurative description. His face was really a tiger. No, not just his face. His entire body was covered in orange fur with black stripes. He was over two meters tall, and he wore armor while swinging a sword. His powerful presence was certain to bend one over at the waist on the first encounter. Indeed, Sei was bent over.

Moreover, he had cat-like habits, such as squeezing into a box smaller than himself for no reason. When he had free time, he was always stuck in a gap or he would enter a box from which he could not get out.

But he could not be described as a bipedal cat. His pride as a tiger was strong. Even if he had cat-like reactions, he was still a great tiger beastkin. Even if he brought home a mouse, he was still a tiger.


The Sword Saint growled loudly. Sei strongly wished that he could speak in a human language. It was not that beastkins could not speak human languages. He had heard them converse normally before. However, the Sword Saint only growled like a tiger. He could probably speak in a human language if he wanted to. That was what the young elf said, but Sei had never heard him speak.

“The captain seems to be angry that Sei-sama is distracted during a mock battle.”

The person who was translating the Sword Saint’s words was the female vice-captain. A female knight should be a beauty…It should be like that, but the reality was different. That crude facial feature was…more like a female gorilla. Her muscular, dark skin with hair in dreadlocks, along with her thick lips and big nostrils, crushed the image of the “female knight” to pieces. She was most certainly not an Amazon. Also, if you looked closely, you could see the nasal hair sticking out of her nose. This was the reality.


“The captain says that he wants to eat chicken today.”

“No, even if you tell me that…”


“The captain says he wants to go outside, so today’s training is over.”

“…Isn’t the Sword Saint being a bit too whimsical?”

Friedrich was really whimsical. A while ago, he dreamed that he was playing with a ball, so he abruptly ended the training and ran off somewhere else. Perhaps he was just a big cat. Sei held back the urge to say it out loud. Even so, he was the Sword Saint, the only sword master in the world. He was a symbol of this country, so one could not speak ill of him.


“Oh, Cruz-san? What is it?”

As Sei stared helplessly at the back of the Sword Saint, a young elf came running towards him. He was the one responsible for summoning Sei to this world. Despite his appearance, he was already two hundred years old and was serving as the king’s adviser. His full name was Cruz Northern, wasn’t it?

“The traveling members have been assembled. Please present yourself before the king along with Friedrich-dono.”

Hearing this, Sei tightened his expression. It finally came, he thought. Despite being a hero, Sei had been an ordinary person living peacefully in Japan until recently. Even though he had been training swordsmanship since then, traveling alone would still be suicidal. Therefore, it was necessary to make proper preparations for his companions and equipment. The king told him to train while they made the preparations. Now, it seemed those preparations were complete. This implied to start of his journey.

“I understand.”

“Hero, the time has come for departure.”


Sei and Friedrich kneeled and bowed their heads before the king. A few strangers were standing beside the throne. Sei thought they were probably his future comrades.

“Equipment, human resources. I am confident that the best of what is currently available has been procured. First and foremost, the pride of our country, the Sword Saint—Friedrich.”


He answered as the king called his name.

No, at least speak before the king. Isn’t this rude? Sei thought. However, this seemed to be usual and nobody said anything.

“Master of divine magic, my adviser, the acolyte—Cruz.”

“I will put my life on the line.”

The next to be called was the young elf. He must be strong for his name to be called here. It was said that he was one of the few survivors from the battle with Ruphas two hundred years ago. He should be an acceptable candidate.

“The valedictorian from Svalinn’s arcane magic academy, Alfie. She was also trained in swordsmanship by her father, Gants the mercenary. Her abilities would be helpful to you.”

“It’s an honor to be chosen, Your Majesty.”

One of the people standing beside the king, a seemingly strong-willed girl with brown side-ponytail hair responded. Like a mage, she wore a black cloak, covering her white shirt and red skirt. Well, whatever, but her skirt was a bit short. Was she being seductive?

“Also from Svalinn, the Wisdom King Megrez-sama’s steel golems. Most of the golems were destroyed by Aries of the Twelve Heavenly Stars. Even so, upon hearing of the hero’s departure, he hurriedly created these.”

Kacha, kacha. The golems stepped forward with a rough noise. Their intimidating auras were not inferior to the Sword Saint’s.

“And in case of emergency, there are ten rangers of the covert team to support you from the shadows. Each is an elite over Level 50.”

Suddenly, there was a group of men in black next to the king. Their faces were completely covered. When they noticed Sei’s gaze, they gave a thumbs-up.

“Next are the four members of Hawkeye. They brought the treasures of the Overlord from the Black-Winged Royal Tomb. We have specially selected your weapons from them.”

Hearing the king’s words, the eyes of the Sword Saint, Cruz, and the girl shone. Sei didn’t really know, but they seemed to be of considerable worth. Anyway, it seemed that they weren’t going to just send him off with just a cypress stick.

Alfie, Cruz, and the tiger were genuinely happy about the weapons presented to Sei and the rest. Even Sei, who was unfamiliar with weapons, could tell with a glance that they had a strange presence. Indeed, the pure warriors and mages, who were residents of this world, were really pleased.

“Come, it’s time to start the journey. Hero and his companions, be sure to defeat the Demon King and the resurrected Overlord and clear the dark clouds of our time!”

Ah, so the journey had already started. As he thought this, Sei stood up hurriedly. At the same time, the others also stood up and Alfie joined in. The surroundings echoed with the sound of trumpets. The noisy cheers of the citizens were heard from outside the castle.

With Sei in the lead, they marched forward as if it was a parade. As they left the castle, people flocked to see them.

Damn. This is super embarrassing.

Sei blushed and walked quickly. He wanted to leave the capital as fast as possible. The next few minutes were like a parade for public execution. Eventually, Sei and his companions finally reached the city gate.

Now, it begins. An adventure to save the world.

He used to think that this only happened in video games. It was a heroic saga that one would watch in safety through the screen. Yet he was currently in such a situation, being the protagonist himself. The only difference was the ability to continue from a saved game. With increasing nervousness, he started sweating.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be frightened. Now, look ahead and step forward.

Although he thought that he was unsuitable for this and that there were more qualified people around, he was currently the hero. Therefore, to avoid worrying his companions, he—looked and black feathers entered his field of vision.

Immediately after, a black angel descended as if it was a dance. A crimson cloak covered her pure white dress. The ominous black wings on her back were a symbolic presence. Her golden hair, mixed with a tint of vermillion, danced like the flames. Her beauty could not be described as anything but peerless. Even though she merely landed, the ground cracked. Her forceful presence alone suppressed the ranger team.

“Eh? This can’t be right. That’s…”

“Ru, Ru, Ruphas Mafahl!!?”

Alfie muttered in fear, while Cruz screamed. Sei thought, As I expected.

His legs were shaking with only a glance. His entire body was overwhelmed by fear. There was no mistake. It was “her”. This woman was—the Black-Winged Overlord!

—A wild Ruphas Mafahl appeared!

Even though he thought of such silly notifications, it did not diminish the fear.

Fear. Yes, Sei was currently feeling fear that was unprecedented since his birth. Even his teeth were rattling.

No. We cannot fight this.

This was a monster that merely looked human. There was nothing in this dimension that could challenge her.

But, ah. Why is the reality so heartless?

To encounter the Overlord on his first step of the journey was already the worst scenario, yet the nightmare still continued.

Ruphas looked up into the sky. Following her gaze, Sei also looked up…and saw another person—no, monster. It was a man. He was a good-looking guy with blue skin, which no human would have. His black hair was fluttering, while his eyes were golden. A black cloak covered his entire body. The air around him was distorted like a mirage. And…despite any reluctance to admit it, his presence was not inferior to the black-winged woman.

He slowly descended and touched the ground. His position was on the opposite side of Ruphas. He stared at her with Sei in between them.

Stop it, you fool. Don’t flank us. Sei wanted to shout it out.

“Ah, ah…Idiot, no…a, a thing like this…”

Cruz’s face was so white that the others worried if he was dead. Tears flooded his eyes as his face distorted in despair. It seemed Cruz recognized the other guy as well. It was someone he knew and feared from the bottom of his heart.



“Demon King…! Why is the Demon King here…!?”

—A wild Demon King appeared!

It was just the first step of their journey.

The hero and his companions were sandwiched between the two bosses—the Overlord and the Demon King.

What sort of penalty game is it?

And Sei thought:

…We are dead, right?

※ Author’s Notes

This (colored) picture is provided by 神鷹様. Thank you, 神鷹様.

Sei: Level 15
Alfie: Level 72
Cruz: Level 88
Friedrich: Level 120

Player: “Oh, everyone except the hero is strong. I understand, until the hero grows up, he is just a sub-character warrior.”

※ In addition, since Ruphas will be fighting the Demon King, this is just an event battle whereby you try hard not to die for several turns. If left alone, the Demon King will attack only Ruphas. But if you attack and target him, he will annihilate you instantly. Therefore, let’s work on defense and recovery.

Player: “What is this shitty game!?”

※ Translator's Notes

Some readers have complained about spoilers in the upcoming chapter titles, so I have removed them from the contents page, except for the title of the next chapter…Consider it as a next episode preview you find in most TV series.

The colored picture above is from the web novel, thus she looks a bit different from the pictures in the light novel and manga. It's interesting to see her alternative look.

I think I accidentally messed up the blog template. Let me know if there's any issue with this new one.

※ Foot Notes

Minami-Jyuji (南十字) literally means “Southern Cross”, which is an asterism in the constellation of Crux. 🔙

Common Era (CE) is one of the notations of the world’s most widely used calendar era. This is a non-religious alternative to the Anno Domini (“Year of the Lord”) devised by Dionysus Exiguus in 525. The word used here is 西暦, literally “western calendar”. Sei was summoned in 2015, since this web novel was posted in 2015-2017. 🔙

When it comes to a cat squeezing into a box, there can only be Maru, who has the most YouTube views for an animal in the Guinness World Records (Sep 2016). 🔙

Dreadlocks (ドレッドヘアー, also ドレッドロックス) are ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding hair. 🔙

Cruz Northern (クルス・ノーザン) is a reference to the Northern Cross asterism. How convenient, one character is the Southern Cross, while the other is the Northern Cross. What are the odds? 🔙

Penalty Game (罰ゲーム) is a common element in Japanese stage comedy and variety shows, which involve some sort of competition or bet. The winner forces the loser to participate in the penalty that involves doing or experiencing something unpleasant. 🔙

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