A Wild Last Boss Appeared 30: Gjallarhorn Accumulated Power (for Civil War)

Translator: Hand of Vecna ✎ Editor: Two More Free Thoughts

This country had more problems than I thought. I felt this deeply as I sat on the sofa in the inn. Firstly, the mob-like guy I met when I went to the temple alone—ah, I did not ask his name. For now, I should call him Mob Red (Provisional).

The resentment towards King Merak that he spoke of was probably not limited to him alone. After all, such a temple as this was built with a statue to publicly honor me, the most reviled person in the world. This alone was a public expression of a treason against the king.

I understood that discrimination from the white-winged faction was really extreme, but doing this was merely adding oil to a fire. I wasn’t really in a position to say this, but part of the cause for discrimination from the white-winged faction was the mixed-winged faction itself. However, it did not seem to be the entirety of the problem.

“—So it seems that the white town is currently preparing for civil war.”

Currently, we were meeting in the inn, exchanging information we gathered today. The first to start was Dina, whose topic was like dropping a bomb. It was the unexpected information that the paranoid people of the white town were preparing for civil war with the mixed-winged faction. They even formed a volunteer army.

Hey, Merak. What are you doing? It’s a countdown to civil war already, no?

If this continued, it would be the end of the country. There was no need for invaders.

“From their conversations, it seems the person called Jupitar is fanning the flames of the white faction. Well, it’s probably a fake name.”

“…Hmm. You have worked hard at collecting information, Dina.”

I put my hands to my forehead. Good work, Dina. If we knew about the mastermind, maybe it was still possible to save the situation. Perhaps, there was a way to stop the conflict. …Even so, it was doubtful if a situation that was so heated up could be stopped.

“Reporting. Today at 13 hours 23 minutes 42 seconds. I encountered Jupiter, one of the Seven Luminaries, in the white town and engaged him in battle.”

And Libra dropped another bomb. It seemed she fought a demon when she went to the white town today. It was rather unpleasant to hear that this country, which would collapse even if it was left alone, was consorting with demons. If we left without doing anything, this country would surely perish. In that event, the balance maintained by the three heroes would collapse, resulting in a massive invasion by the demons.

“Based on my combat power and compatibility, my chance of victory is not lower than ninety-nine percent. However, if the opponent flees with all his might, it would be difficult to capture him. In order to detain him in our next encounter, I am requesting homing bullets and the maintenance of guns.”

Homing bullets…They were ammunition with a high degree of accuracy used by the gunner class. I did not have levels in the gunner class, but I could still create them. Libra did not have levels in the gunner class either, but golems and monsters were fundamentally different from players. The problem here was that Libra did not have the ammunition.

“…I remembered they were not that expensive. Do you not have them?”

“I used them all in the defense of the tomb.”


Oh, right. She did not leave the tomb for two hundred years. In that case, she might be running out of other ammunition as well, not just the homing bullets. Well then, I should just replenish them all. It was easy to buy ammunition in the game, but it might be very difficult to get them in this world. It would be best for me to make them myself. And for the machine guns to not be broken after two hundred years…as expected of something created by Mizar.

“Write the missing ammunition and weapons down on paper. I will make them later.”

“Thank you.”

Libra did not expend too much ammunition, probably because her Brachium was too powerful. Even so, it made a difference whether she had ammunition or not. I should maintain her full combat potential. Next would be Aries.

“Did anything happen to you?”



“Oh, no! I have nothing worth reporting to Ruphas-sama…”

Hmm. It seemed there was no issue on Aries’ side. I was a little concerned about his stuttering, but I suppose everyone would have their own things to think about. Well, I should be glad that there were no additional problems right now.

“And finally, it’s my turn. In this black town, there was a bronze statue of me in the temple for some reasons. This is just provoking the white faction unnecessarily…There’s no doubt we are seeing the countdown to civil war.”

“Well, isn’t this a nice city?”

“Master, I propose we fully support the black town during the civil war.”

“I think that’s fine too.”

“…You people…”

When I raised the problem of the black town, this idiotic trio became favorable towards the black town for some reasons. No, it would be best to prevent the civil war. What were we supposed to do with one side?

No, we would probably win. I generally studied the levels of the people in this town. The highest level was around Level 50. Even if there were tens of thousands of them, it would be impossible to win against any one of us. Well, Dina might be the exception. But if I did that, it would be a return to being the overlord of terror. I would be wanted all over the world by tomorrow.

“Well, jokes aside. The problem of this country should be solved by Merak. It shouldn’t be worrying Ruphas-sama. Let them wipe their own asses.”

Dina made a level-headed proposal, as I pondered how to stop the conflict. In fact, when I thought about it, I had no obligation to help this country. In the first place, I was recognized as the world’s villain. Things could become troublesome if I got involved haphazardly.

“Dina-sama. In that event, the balance formed by the three heroes would collapse, leading to an invasion by demons. It will be disadvantageous for us if the Demon King’s army continued to grow…It is necessary to let the heroes and the demons be opponents, at least until we recovered our former strength by gathering all the Twelve Heavenly Stars.”

Oh. Libra gave an unexpectedly good opinion. Although it seemed like she intended to profit from their fighting, it was at least better than Dina’s proposal to do nothing. This was what I thought, but it was overturned immediately.

“Therefore, I suggest that we support the black town and wipe out the white faction, uniting the country in the process. It is not a favorable situation for the country to be divided. The possibility of them sabotaging each other should be resolved quickly. In addition, when the black faction comes into power, Gjallarhorn will become a chess piece for Ruphas-sama to use.”

Hey, Libra. You are rotten at the core.

In other words, she wanted to eliminate the obstructing white town and let Merak and the demons finish each other off. It was certainly better than letting the people sabotage each other, since whichever faction seized power, they would be united to repel the demons’ attack. But wasn’t this a bit too extreme?

Next would be Aries…but he did not seem to have an opinion. Well, he was not self-assertive to begin with, so he was probably leaving the decision to us.

But what should I do? Dina and Libra seemed cold, but they were not irrational. However, it was impossible for me to simply destroy the town. I could not be that cold-hearted. At least, the current me did not bear a grudge against Merak and his country. I would prefer to just eliminate Jupitar and Jupiter along with any other demons, then leave things to Merak.

“…Now, as Libra said, it would be disadvantageous to us if Merak and this country were defeated. Even so, I do not want to simply crush one faction. Anyway, let’s first capture Jupitar and Jupiter. If things go well, we may be able to stop the civil war. …Or rather, could they be the same person?”

“Well, I think so too.”

Jupitar and Jupiter. Given the current situation, they were likely the same person. Dina thought so as well, while Libra and Aries nodded their heads in agreement.

Firstly, if Jupiter was not stopped by Libra, he would probably have met Dina given his route of travel. Then Dina followed a suspicious person (seemed to be called Reid) from the clock tower and learnt about the plans for civil and Jupitar.

Given some thought, it would seem Jupiter’s destination was not the clock tower, but the hideout that Dina discovered. Furthermore, Jupitar did not arrive on time to the meeting with the suspicious people. It could be inferred that he was absent without notice due to his encounter with Libra and was forced to withdraw. Therefore, the conclusion was that he was Jupiter in disguise. When Libra first encountered him, he changed his skin color to disguise as a human.

This was getting too obvious. We could safely conclude that Jupiter and Jupitar were one and the same. In the first place, there was no merit for humans in bringing civil war to this country. Why would anyone want to eliminate one of the heroes who served as guardians in a time of crisis? But if it was the demon Jupiter pretending to be a human, I was convinced that there would be sufficient reasons to do so.

“Well, let’s focus on catching Jupiter first. Perhaps the situation would improve after capturing him.”

“Can we not kill him?”

“If possible, capture him alive. I want to drag him out and make him testify in public.”

In the current situation where the mood was on the verge of having a civil war, I felt that a scapegoat would be necessary to stop it. If we tried to stop it now, it would only draw both sides in. It was difficult to acknowledge one’s mistakes, even worse when it was an entire country. Such a situation could not be helped.

However, if it was caused by a third party, the responsibility could be shifted. “We were just being manipulated. Now, let’s get along with each other…” It was a cliched technique used in novels and comics. In other words, prepare an easily understood villain and blame it all on him.

I was aware that this was not a praiseworthy method, but…

“Recommendation is to capture him alive…Understood.”



“The top priority is your own safety. If it’s too dangerous for you to capture him alive, this order is cancelled. If you judge the situation to be dangerous, you may kill him. Also, you may retreat too.”

For the sake of Libra and the others, I surprisingly gave a simple permission to kill. For me, their lives were the top priority in this world. For the homeless me, Dina, Libra, and Aries were already my family. Thus, I gave permission. I would choose to kill others instead of letting them die.

My ethical perspective was getting weird. Where did my weak-willed self, who could not even face the corpses of dead small animals, go?

“Be at ease, my master. The previous chance of victory was no mistake. With the proper equipment, Jupiter will be definitely be captured.”

“How reliable. Then, I will work hard at transmutation to increase the chance of victory by a little.”

Anyway, I would believe in Libra this time. She already said she could do it. I could only believe her. Besides, only Libra knew how the enemy looked like, so she was the only one who could do it.


I realized that Libra was watching me silently.

What? Was there something else to tell me? Or was she waiting for my command?

Honestly, I could not understand if she just looked on silently. Should I say something? …Well, let me say it properly.

“…My faithful subordinate, one of the Twelve Heavenly Stars, Libra of the Scale. I command you. Do not die and bring the demon in question before me. I await your fruitful result.”

“Yes, my master!”

I gave my order. Libra, who was waiting, immediately responded. Apparently, she was really waiting for an order. If I did not give an order, would she be staring at me forever?

She seemed to be a character who would be difficult to understand…

※ Author’s Notes: Special Weapons in the Game

Bow: A long-range weapon that could be used even by non-archers. However, it is usually used by archers who have advantages when using bows.

Gun: A superior version of the bow, but a bow is still better if it is just a musket. It isn’t that scary. It can be used by a non-gunner, but it still functions best in the hands of a gunner.

Log: Everyone, grab your logs and let’s go!! The most powerful weapon that could be used by acolytes and priests. Using a mace is outdated. The mainstream weapon to fight monsters is a log. Its range and power are high, effective for dealing with groups of undead. The “log acolyte” will replace the “beating acolyte” as mainstream…No, impossible…This weapon is a log, damn! In fact, it is stronger when equipped by a vanguard character than an acolyte.

※ Foot Notes

Musket (マスケット) is a muzzle-loaded long gun that appeared as a smoothbore weapon in early 16th century Europe.

Log (丸太) is…well, wood; usually the trunk of a tree. As silly as it sounds, there are stories involving characters fighting with logs, such as Hero of God Eye (神眼の勇者).

Acolyte (アコライト) is an assistant or follower assisting the celebrant in a religious service or procession. It is also a job in the MMO Ragnarok Online, which features a variant or build called “Beating Aco” (殴りアコ)…essentially an acolyte character that buffs himself and beats things up with blunt weapons.

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