A Wild Last Boss Appeared 26: Ruphas Slept

Translator: Hand of Vecna ✎ Editor: Two More Free Thoughts

"—So, what is this situation, Libra?"

"We have safely arrived in town. I judge that there is no problem, master."

"Are you joking? This is a big problem."

Libra safely delivered us to the country of Gjallarhorn. Indeed, we arrived, but the mode of travel was a problem. She brought us here with the movement skill Sky Jet, but it was currently late in the night. At a time like this, she chose to move with a roaring jet propulsion. It wasn't hard to imagine people being woke from their sleep by the noise. As a result, we were currently viewed with suspicion by the people who came out of their residences.

Ah, seriously. It is so late now. Sorry about that.

"You can't do this, Libra. If you make that kind of noise at a time like this, you will wake the people who are already sleeping."

"No problem, Aries. According to my analysis, the fighting strength of the people who got up is not a threat. I can handle it alone. They are not an obstacle to master."

"No, it's not like that…"

The dialogue between Aries and Libra made me want to hug my head. What should I do? This maid golem had no concept of being a nuisance to others. Was it because there was only fighting in the game, so her judgments were all related to combat power and threats? If it was a game, whatever happened was just an in-game event. No matter how much noise was made in the night, the NPC would not wake up. It seemed like Libra was lacking in experience.

"Ah, who are you…?"

A man in his late thirties spoke as we became the center of attention in the surrounding. Longevity was a trait of the flügels, who remained in their primes for half of their lives. This one was probably an old man close to one thousand years old. His wings were slightly dull gray, so it would not be considered beautiful. And not just him, everyone in this street so far had mixed color wings. There were none like my jet black wings, but there were others close to blue or red. This was really the town of the mixed-winged faction.

"Ah, sorry. It's already so late at night. I'm the traveling merchant, Dina. We were stopping by this town and woke you up by mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience. I deeply apologize."

"Also a traveling merchant, Saphur. Sorry for the bother."

"Hmm. Traveling merchant, Aries."

"Golem escort of these three, Copernicus IV."

We introduced ourselves to the flügel uncle and apologized. This mouth that spewed forth arrogant words even at a time like this was a little hateful.

And Libra, without reading the mood, arbitrarily set herself a strange job and a pseudonym that sounded like the straight man of a stand-up comedy. Well, it was still better than using her real name. Unlike Aries, Libra's appearance did not change, therefore using her real name would expose her identity. But she was not Copernicus.

"Oh, you are merchants? This is an innovative way to enter the town."

Uncle, you do not need to try so hard to compliment us. We are aware that our entry lacked common sense, so it is fine to be angry with us.

But he greeted us with a smile, devoid of anger.

"You must be tired after a long trip. My house also runs an inn. If you don't mind, please stay over."

Hearing the uncle's gentle words, Dina and I shared a look. Despite being disturbed by our nonsensical behavior, he introduced an inn with a smile instead of getting angry. What a nice person. As I was strangely impressed, I followed the uncle and entered the inn.

This inn…was made of marble?

No, not just the inn. Every building in this city was made of marble. They were beautifully mottled with unique gloss. It seemed that the art of marble construction was progressing well in this country. Perhaps, there was an alchemist with good craftsmanship.

"How much for one night?"

"Twenty-five eru for one room."

He answered Dina's question with a very scrupulous price. Twenty-five eru was equivalent to five thousand yen. That was surprisingly cheap, considering there were four people. We paid the fee without hesitation and were brought to our rooms.

"This is your room. Please take your time."

The room was surrounded by marble, so it was somewhat uncomfortable. But it was not without consideration of the customers. A soft carpet was laid on the floor, while a vase was arranged casually. We should be thankful that it was not sparkling in an omnidirectional 360 degrees.

"Let's consider meeting Merak tomorrow. Let's just sleep tonight. Aries is dozing off already."


It was very late already. Even though I was the one who flew with an explosive noise at such a time, it would be better to go to sleep now.

Regardless of Libra the golem, Dina who slept at an unknown time, and me the gamer who played through the night, Aries was already very sleepy. But since he could not sleep before me, he was struggling to stay awake. This was really tear-jerking.

It wasn't like I mind if he slept before me. Was it necessary to force himself to stay awake because of our master-follower relationship?

"Well then, good night."

"Ah, good night."

Dina and I slipped into our beds and closed our eyes. The mattress was a bit hard, but that was what a fantasy world would be like. Libra did not feel like sleeping, so she stood in a corner of the room. Well, golems had no need to sleep anyway. She even guarded the tomb for one hundred ninety years. Still, it was fine for her to sleep if she could get sleepy.

I thought so as I drifted into slumber.

—Who? Someone was screaming angrily with an unpleasant voice without a trace of kindness.

A white-winged man, the father of blood relation, was angrily shouting at a young girl. A parent got angry at a child. This was nothing special, as most people would have experienced it themselves. But normally, there would be no actual rage when one thought of the child. No matter where it was, even if there was some resentment internally, the parent would not act upon his selfish anger.

"You! The neighbor's children said that you hurt them again! Didn't I tell you!? Don't injure others!"

"But, dad, they were the ones who did it first. They threw stones at me. I just, I just wanted to protect myself…"

"Shut up!"

The shrill cry echoed. The young girl understand that this was the violence brought on by the creature known as "father". It was always like this. This man never listened to the story of this side.

He acted like a father disciplining his child, but he was really just thinking of himself. So if he felt like it, he would lay hands on her. Words that comfort a child would never leave his mouth. It was all about his self-image. If the young girl did something, his own reputation would fall. That was why he always scold and scream like an idiot.

"I do not remember raising you like that! Have you mistaken my teachings again!? Huh!?"

In agreement with the man's piercing voice, the young girl thought, "That's how it is."

I do not remember being raised by this man.

The only thing she ever received from him was scoldings and violence. Mistaken his teachings? Hah, it was full of mistakes. Or rather, there was no memory of him ever doing the right thing.

"There are no parents who do not love their children."

This was just a beautiful saying passed on by someone who was the center of parental love and knew nothing of things elsewhere.

There were plenty of parents who did not love their children.

Because they were unwanted, annoying, or noisy.

And because her wings were black—

Love was gone for such simple reasons.

At least, this girl never received love from this filthy thing called "father".


One word muttered, and the girl ran out of the place.

I do not want to hear that man's voice anymore. There is no meaning in conversing anymore.

That is someone else.

It is just someone else who happened to share the same bloodline.

That's why it is not sad, it is not painful.

These water droplets flowing along my cheeks are definitely not tears.

She ran.

She did not know where she was running, but she ran as far as she could.

There was no place for her in this village.

The black wings of anathema—Just because her wings were black, she was alienated, estranged, differentiated, and discriminated.

Even though they were not contagious, rocks were thrown at her. If she defended herself, she would be blamed instead.

Her only ally was her mother. But her mother was sickly, so she did not want her to worry unnecessarily. Even so, her mother was her only salvation. If not for her, she would have been gone from this place a long time ago.

—Why do I have to experience this? Just because my wing color is different. Why?

Besides her, there were other flügels whose wings were not white. In a place devoid of the sun, a place like a dirty slum…people of the same circumstances lived together.

It would be different if she stayed here. But if she left the house, that creature called "father" might do something to her mother. Perhaps, his violence would be directed at her instead.

—Why is the world so unfair? Why do I have to be so unfortunate?

She could not help but curse the gods.

What great god of creation? What goddess of love?

If there was a merciful god, why was the world full of inequality?

Prayers were meaningless.

There was nobody who would reach out to her.

—Nobody will help me.

Even as a little girl, she stopped relying on people. Nobody would help her, so she had to manage by herself. As long as she lived in the house, the minimum amount of food would be provided. But it was uncertain how long it would last. Besides, more than anything else, she did not want to live like this.

Therefore, I must become strong. I must become strong enough to overcome the inequality and irrationality in the world.

I'm still weak and immature now, but surely someday…I will take my mother and walk out of this miserable life.

The black-winged girl—Ruphas Mafahl swore strongly in her heart.

"…What? It's just a dream."

I placed my hands on my forehead and opened my eyes.

It was a strange dream…yes, a really strange dream.

Perhaps it was Ruphas' past. At least, this was something that I did not remember. I did not recall configuring such a setting. Nonetheless, if Ruphas lived in this world and not in a game, she must have parents. Being persecuted for her wings was also easily predictable.

This was what I thought.

Before I became Ruphas, there was the real Ruphas. This body did not belong to me. The soul of the real Ruphas should have been in this body.

But currently, I was here. I was the only a player, who knew nothing of Ruphas' past.

Then, where was Ruphas?

Had she been expelled because of my presence?

Or was she asleep in this body?

…Or she was still sealed in the hyperspace. Perhaps the current me was simply a fake.

But if I was a fake, why would this body have Ruphas' memories?

Ruphas' father whom I saw in the dream should just be a stranger…so why did I feel so angry?

Why was I so angry about the absurdity and irrationality of the world?

How should I explain this raging waves of emotions?

"…Ruphas-sama? Your heart rate has increased."


The only one who wasn't sleeping, Libra, asked in concern.

She appeared emotionless, but surprisingly, I knew she knew she had the stirring of emotions.

She wasn't emotionless. She certainly had a heart. She would cherish and worry about me. Strangely, it felt like we had been together for many years.

"No need to worry. I just dreamed of the past."

"Dreamed of the past?"

"Oh. I just woke up like a little girl having a nightmare…It's nothing to worry about."

I could not tell her.

I was not Ruphas…I might just be a fake.

…and so, I kept silent.

※ Author’s Notes: Seven Attributes

The various attributes are generally classified as follows.
  • Fire Attribute = literally fire, disinfects filth!
  • Water Attribute = literally water, including ice.
  • Wood Attribute = controls nature, controls wood and wind as well.
  • Metal Attribute = mysteriously produces metal or steel. Something like the magic of (シャインセイバー) in Summon Night (サモンナイト) series. It can also produce huge rocks.
  • Earth Attribute = literally earth. It can manipulate the ground if it's soil, but not if it's stone. Also includes gravity.
  • Sun Attribute = simply put, light. It's similar to fire, but slightly different.
  • Moon Attribute = simply put, darkness. Shadow is generally included.
When Tanaka was moving: drowsy → woke by Dina → arrived late at Gjallarhorn, sleep again.
Slightly overslept…?

Character's Underwear Colors
This appeared in my imagination, so it's time to reveal them. The underwear of the characters are as follows:
  • Megrez: Blue Brief
  • Merak: White Brief
  • Gants: Red Loincloth
  • Jean: Black Trunks
  • Mars: I only need a leaf.

※ Foot Notes

Copernicus (コペルニクス) could be referring to the astronomer who formulated the heliocentric model of the universe. He was the youngest of the four children in his family. Or maybe it was referring to the Robotic Theater of Copernicus Science Center in Poland, where robots performed in plays including some that were amusing and funny.

Yen (円) is, of course, the Japanese currency. As of December 2018, XE Currency Converter states 5000 yen = 44.03 USD. Based on this chapter, this makes 1 eru = 200 yen = 1.76 USD.

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