JNC Releases A Wild Last Boss Appeared!

J-Novel Club has released the light novel version of A Wild Last Boss Appeared!. The announcement was made made on Twitter on April 18, 2020.

Our translations are based on the web novel which is available for free online, so we will continue translating for as long the web version remains online.

Usually, there are some differences between the light novel and the web novel versions. For example, in Overlord, the character Albedo does not exist in the web novel. Also, the worker Arche wasn't killed and dismembered in the web novel.

I'm not sure how different the light novel version of A Wild Last Boss Appeared! is, but you can find out for yourself at J-Novel Club! At the very least, it should be a more polished and properly edited version of the story. Support the author and the publisher!

The word ミズガルズ is the name of the human world in Norse mythology, which is officially rendered in English as Midgard. Spelling of names are often subjective due to differences in transliteration, but this isn't one of them…even if Google Translate renders it as "Mizugarz". This is because it's not originally a Japanese word. It's an Old Norse word that's translated into Japanese. A proper translation of the Old Norse word already exists in English, so it really shouldn't be transliterated back from Japanese. 

The same applies to names which are originally in a different language (e.g. Alioth), although there may be a few English variants to choose from. For example, see other designations of Eta Ursae Majoris = Alkaid, Benetnash, Benetnasch, Elkeid.

The main character's name ルファス can be translated as Lufas or Lufasu. But since Chapter 0 specifically says that her name is based on Malphas (マルファス) and Halphas (ハルファス), the ending of her name should probably retain the -phas part. How exactly マファール (Mafahl, Mafar, Mafaalu, Maphaahl) is to be spelled is anybody's guess though.


  1. I'm happy to hear that you're going to continue translating the web novel.
    Also, the explanation for the translation of names was interesting.


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